We help you accomplish short-term and long-term objectives by

  • Quick implementation of small change requests, when you need a new working version right away.

  • Analysis of the impact of change requests implementation.

  • Development of new software releases.

  • Building a strategy for software evolution.

Sai Strategic Solutions Inc. pays special attention to data security. Data exchange between development team members and organization of data protection on the server provider side are strictly regulated.

Application Maintenance Services

  • Correction of the application’s defects and deficiencies discovered by end users.

  • Functionality extension – users tend to find new opportunities, beyond the functionality which was initially developed, like new reports, new computer dialogs, or completely new features.

  • Usability enhancement – changes to the application interface that make it more user-friendly.

  • Application optimization to increase software performance.

  • Porting and migration to new hardware and software platforms.

Maintenance of a Problem Code

We successfully help our customers to maintain and evaluate the software with the unstructured and non-documented code. Firstly, we analyze the application design and understand the code. This is a vital stage that helps avoid the inconsistencies of new features and extra costs. Then, if we conclude that new changes will positively affect the system’s performance and usability, we decide to proceed with their implementation; otherwise, we recommend to start with the application redesign.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

  • We produce the well-structured and thoroughly documented code that helps reduce future maintenance cost.

  • Our extensive experience in object-oriented programming and architecture design helps us reduce costs associated with components reuse and changes.

  • We help increase maintainability of the existing applications by improving software structure, updating documentation, and adding comments to the code.

Maintenance Procedures

  • Bugs and change requests tracking

  • Reverse engineering

  • Application and database redesign

  • Regression testing to ensure that new changes do not affect other software parts

  • User guides development